Thu Thiem High School

Other projects

Oil storage tank expansion project at the Military Zone 7 Port Defense

  •  On February 20 nd,at the Military Zone 7 Port Defense, BaRia - VungTau, Dong Hai Company ceremony held works extending the petroleum tank.etc...
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Tung Lam Company Limited

- Established in 1993 with original legal capital of VND170 million, Tung Lam Company Limited began business in the export of agricultural and forestry products such as tea, cassava, cinnamon and star aniseed.

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Ho Chi Minh National University Dormitory

- Decision No.36/HDKT dated 12/03/2012. An agreement should be signed  between the JSC developed building techniques (TDC) and Cuong Huy techniques fire prevention fighting Co.,Ltd. Work item Fire-extinguisher pump, fire systems, Fire alarm ... read more